Saturday, 30 July 2011

Edwardian Dolls House: the Morning Room

An Art Nouveau design carpet in the Edwardian dolls house 
The morning room, or boudoir, was where the lady of the house would entertain her friends, write letters, update her postcard collection, give instructions to her housekeeper and relax. It was a 'women only' place.
   I wanted this room to be fresh and light so chose the pale blue and white colour scheme. I made the chaise longue  and screen out of cardboard covered with fabric. The carpet I stitched from a pattern in a doll's house magazine. It is an art nouveau design, popular in Edwardian times. I collect blue and white china so made a display in this room of miniature pieces.
  In real life, I live in Iris Cottage. A friend gave me a miniature copy of van Gogh's 'Iris' painting for this room. The other Iris painting is a Japanese one I cut from a magazine and framed. I had found a little vase with irises on it and made the iris flowers to go in out of tissue paper.
 The writing desk and chair are white wire ones which I painted brown so they would look like wicker. I made the wicker table with waxed linen thread stained brown with shoe polish. The blue beaded bell pull was a gift from a miniaturist friend.
   This room is one of my favourite rooms in the Edwardian dolls house. 


  1. I think this room is magnificent. I just found your blog and love the blue and white.

    1. Thank you, Julie.This is my favourite room & I really enjoyed making it.