Friday, 22 July 2011

Edwardian Dolls House: The Governess' Room

A 1:12 scale Edwardian governess' room
I had fun making this room personal to me. On the wall above the bed is a miniature of an engraving of two Victorian children that I have had in my bedrooms since I was a child. The books on the wall shelf are copies of my favourite books.
 The framed photographs on the dressing table are of ancestors of mine photographed in 1886. I'm lucky enough to have my family's leather-bound albums from that time and have miniaturised photos from it to use in other rooms of the house also.
   I made almost everything in this room. All the furniture is from kitsets made of New Zealand native woods. To fully appreciate the timber, I didn't stain or paint it, only polished it with beeswax.
   The wicker chair was my first attempt at this, using waxed linen thread then staining it brown. I found the weaving quite relaxing. The rugs, cushions and bedcovers and all the clothes in the drawers, wardrobe and trunks are hand-stitched.
    All in all, this room kept me busy for quite some time!


  1. Hello Wendy,
    Did you make the wicker chair from a kit or freehand?
    Cheers Yvonne

    1. Hi Yvonne, I made the wicker chair at a minis retreat weekend, my first attempt at doing this. The tutor had cut the stakes & drilled the holes for them in the chair seat, then I did the rest.