Saturday, 25 January 2014

How to Make Miniature Picture Frames

A Painting Framed for a Dolls House

Things to use for mini picture framing
I like to make pictures in frames for my miniature projects and have used all sorts of things for the frames. The photo above gives you an idea of what you can use that is ready-made: the silver and gold ones are charms; the 'Bless This Mouse' embroidery is framed with matchsticks for a rustic look in the Mouse House I made.
  The partly made frame is in wood, especially made for 1:12 scale. You can buy lengths of it from dolls house suppliers and hobby shops. It has a groove down one side (the rebate) that the picture or photo sits in. (I'll write more about making wooden frames in my next blog post.)

Scrapbooking frames are good for dolls houses
  I like to use frames that are made for scrapbooking as well. These have a softer, jelly-like feel. Because they are sticky backed they can be pressed straight onto a picture then the excess paper trimmed off round them. The peacock picture above is framed with one of these.
  I have also used fancy buckles as frames which work well once the 'pointy bit that goes through the holes' is removed!

Three examples of picture framing
  In this photo of my Edwardian morning room you can see three framed pictures. The one on the back wall is a little Japanese print of irises (my favourite flower) framed in a plain metal square that was a scrapbooking accessory.
  The painting of a young girl on the side wall sits in a cardboard frame I made. I then stuck a heavy lace braid over the cardboard and painted it with a gold pen. It looks like one of those ornate gilded frames you see in museums.
  The flower painting above the fireplace has a frame I made from wood, then painted gold before sticking the picture in it.
  I hope these examples give you some ideas for your own framed pictures. More on making wooden frames next time!

Monday, 13 January 2014

A Miniature Tin Holds Memories

The attractive front of the miniature tin
I was out and about today, fossicking for minis, and came across this lovely little tin. It's about 2 1/2 inches tall. I had to buy it, because it reminded me of the tearooms and bakery I'd made in miniature. (You can see those if you click on 'The Tearooms' in the blog index). I'd named them 'Bellevue Tearoom' and this one is 'Bellevue Bakery'.

The back of the tin is as charming as the front!
But the real surprise, which I found delightful, came when I opened the tin. Here it is:

The detailed interior of the tin
You see -  the bakery downstairs and living rooms for the proprietors above. It's one of those scenes where each time you look at it, you see something different. There are so many details that are interesting - the welcome mat at the door; two kittens playing on the floor of the shop; patchwork quilts on the beds; dishes on the draining board in the kitchen.
  There were other little tins in the series. Perhaps I should start a collection! 

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Mini Projects for the New Year

A Kit Set to Make 
I wonder what miniatures you'll be making, or planning to make, this year. I hope my ideas and 'how to' articles will be helpful for your projects.
  I bought one of these 'Long Vacation' kitsets to make. It's the one pictured in the middle here, called 'Leisurely Lunch'. It's a scene set in a box frame.

The detailed instructions
  The instruction book has such little print, I think I'll need stronger glasses to read it all!

The makings of the box frame
Here are the parts to make up the box frame, the wallpaper and flooring paper.

All the items needed to complete the project
  So far, all I've done is unpack the box the kit set came in and photograph the things to show you. But already I'm thinking that I don't really like the wallpaper; that the blue painted wood to make up the table is the same colour as a table at a taverna in Greece I've been to; that maybe I could tweak things and plaster the walls white and add other bits and pieces of mine to make a Greek theme.
  Watch this space! Who knows how it will turn out!