Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Miniature Museum: Georgian and Victorian Room

Georgian and Victorian miniatures 
This room in my miniature museum contains Georgian (18th century) and Victorian (19th century) furniture, costumes and accessories. I wanted to pick items that were indicative of the fashions of the times.
  My favourite pieces are the exquisite costumes. These are hand stitched by Paula Kunac, a talented dressmaker. She finds the finest of fine silks and trimmings to make the clothes in authentic styles.
  The woven wall hanging shows people in Georgian dress in an outdoor scene. The framed paintings are of Queen Victoria and her ladies-in-waiting which is  a copy of a famous artwork, and a pretty village setting. The Victorians romanticised rural life in their art into pastoral idylls, conveniently ignoring the poverty and harshness of the life.
  The furniture is pieces common in middle to upper-class homes. The Georgians liked their chest-on-chest bureaus and the padded slipper chair was popular in Victorian boudoirs.
  In the back right-hand corner of the room I have placed another of my lucky finds. It is a statue of Venus de Milo made of crystal. The black and gold sewing table I made from a slice of cotton reel, part of a chess piece, a button, and three little beads as the feet. A spray of black paint  and some stick- on  gold peelies made it look quite elegant. The little spray of roses on top is made of tissue paper.  

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