Tuesday, 5 June 2012

How to Make Plates for Your Dolls House

Making 1:12 Scale Plates
If you don't want to buy 1:12 scale china plates for your dolls house, here's an easy way of making substitutes from cardboard or plastic. In half an hour, you can make a whole stack of dinner plates.
  You will need:

  • the plastic inserts that are in the lids of soft drink bottles  or
  • a packet of already shaped cardboard plates from miniatures suppliers
  • pictures of suitably sized plates cut from magazines
  • modpodge ( a water-based sealer and glue)
  • paintbrush
  • gold pen
  • nail scissors
My photo shows both the plastic and the cardboard plates. You might choose to use one kind or the other.
  1. Brush a small amount of modpodge onto a plate.
  2. Stick a picture of a plate onto it, pressing down firmly to get out any air bubbles and wrinkles.
  3. Brush more modpodge over the picture. The modpodge goes on milky but dries clear and gives a nice shine to the surface.
  4. Let dry.
  5. Trim the edges if necessary.
  6. Go around the plate edge with the gold pen to finish it off nicely.
Get busy on these and your dolls house kitchen cupboards will be filled in no time!


  1. I've heard the soda bottle trick but not the modge podge one! That might be really helpful. A friend from our local mini club has been trying to find the right finish to get the look of porcelain plates using printies. Did you know, you can find a tonne of great designs at http://replaceyourplates.co.uk/? Love all the tutorials!

    1. Yes, Ruth, the modpodge gives that slightly shiny look of china.It seems to harden the paper plates too. When the plates are sitting on a shelf or a plate rack, they look really realistic.

  2. Look at chinasearch.co.uk for your favorite designs!!!

  3. Will this work if your place images have been printed with an ink jet printer?

    1. I've used my ink jet printer for plates sometimes. You'll need to let the ink really dry before sealing with mod podge.

  4. Printing the plates on decal paper works really well. Especially clear decal paper.

    1. Great idea,Susanna. Thanks for sharing it.