Friday, 8 February 2013

A Resource for Tudor Dolls Houses

A Tudor Dolls House
I thought I must share with you this wonderful resource if you are making a Tudor dolls house and wondering what to put in it to give that authentic feel.
  In 1601, John and Jane Daniells and their family were living in Rectory House in Hackney in England. Unfortunately they fell foul of the law and their home and possessions were confiscated. Sad for them but for us, a fantastic look into their lives as a comprehensive inventory of their house contents in now available on-line.
  You can go on on a virtual tour of their house, peruse the picture gallery and read the room-by-room list of their possessions, furnishings and even their clothing.
  For example (and I've kept the original spelling) in a trunk in Mr Daniell's chamber there were:

  • one nightcap wrought with black silke and gould and a purse imbrodered with goulde
  • one ould riding hood
  • one shirte
  • one vellett Cappe
  • one peire of Cloath rounded of a Cloake
  •  5 fallinge bandes
  • one girdle a paire of hangers of green silke and gould and a string of gould to hang his dagger on
  • one Ruffle with purled lace
  • twoe paire of Boothose
  • one Flannell Wascote wrought with red Cruelle
  • twoe Dublettes of blacke stuffe
  • one dammaske Cloake with Sleeves garded with vellett
  • one paire of Fuger sattyn hose payned with Velvett
  • one peire of blewe cloth
  • twoe peire of Tawnye vellett; old
  • one greene quilted Cappe
  • the Trunke wherin these goodes remayne
Does that make you want to whip out your needle and thread and stitch something for a trunk in your Tudor dolls house?
  I hope you have an interesting time exploring this website about the Daniells.


  1. Thank you so much for this, Wendy. I shall certainly peruse the site and enjoy every moment of it. I have always been so curious of the past which is why I so enjoy reading historical novels.

    1. When you look at the Virtual Tour of the rooms of the Daniell's house, Lucille, it's like an historical novel come to life! I hope you enjoy it all!

  2. Thank you for sharing! I've been reading about the Stuarts and the Tudors quite a bit lately and have been inspired to make something 1:12 scaled...this may just be the thing I need to stoke the fire a bit more.

    1. Linda, I found the website absolutely fascinating - it inspired me too, especially with what to put in the kitchen - they had a lot of utensils and pots etc. The Tudor Age was a particularly interesting time, wasn't it?

  3. What a fascinating story Wendy - even though I'm working in the 1940s, I agree that the Tudors is a great period and I could easily become dangerously interested in it! But it could be a horribly tough and cruel life too as your link shows, thank you for posting.

    1. I love doing all the historical research, Chas. Finding this website about the Daniells was like striking gold!