Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Miniature Museum: The Sculpture Room

The sculpture gallery in the miniature museum
The inspiration for this room came when I found the four Corinthian columns. Thank goodness I had decided to set up the museum in a bookcase because I was able to adjust the shelving height to fit them in. They are 14 inches tall. If I'd been using a ready-built dolls house it would have been another story!
   Then began the search for statues. Some of these are sold by dolls house suppliers as miniatures for 1:12 scale gardens. The black torso at the back was a lucky $2 shop find, and the bronze horse in the front was even better - $1 at a car boot sale. It's actually a die-cast pencil sharpener!
   I'd seen the original of the Venus de Milo in the Louvre, so I had to have the miniature of that. And I love proud Hercules with his arm draped round the skin of the lion he had slain as one of his twelve labours.

1:12 scale sculptures 
   I used clear plastic boxes and upturned, gilded column capitals to display the pieces at different heights to create visual interest. The flooring was another serendipitous find. It's 'real size' vinyl that looks like marble, and the 'inlaid' darker pattern squares fit perfectly into the floor area for each of my miniature museum rooms.

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