Monday, 11 July 2011

How to Make a Flagstone Floor for a Dolls House

1:12 scale Tudor kitchen with flagstone floor
A flagstone floor can look good in a Tudor dolls house, a rustic 1:12 scale cottage, or in the kitchen and scullery of a Georgian dolls house. There are several ways of making a flagstone floor.  The method I chose for the hall and kitchen of my Tudor dolls house was very easy.
   Firstly, I made a template of the floor out thin cardboard. From a building supply store, I got a lot of Formica samples (used for kitchen bench tops) that looked like stone. Some of the ones on display looked like terracotta tiles and I could have used those as an alternative.
  On the back of the Formica samples I marked 2 inch squares with a pencil.  These I cut out with a pair of heavy duty scissors.  Another way of doing it is to deeply score the lines with a craft knife and then snap them off. Sometimes the edges of the Formica  chipped off, but it didn't matter.  Those squares  could still be used, giving an aged, well-worn effect.
 Once I had a pile of the squares I  mixed them all up. Then, one by one, I stuck them onto the cardboard template with UHU glue. While the glue was drying, I put heavy weights on top to prevent the template from buckling so it would to dry flat.
 Finally, I wiped a layer of Polyfilla all over the floor. This acted as grouting between the flagstones. I was careful to wipe it off the surface with a damp cloth before it dried .
 The resulting flagstone floor looks quite authentic and, I think, is well worth the time involved  in making it.


  1. The floor looks awesome! If I have the time (working to a birthday deadline) I will give this a go in the kitchen. Thanks! Jen

  2. The flagstone flooring for doll house is looking gorgeous. You explain comprehensively step by step your activities for making this doll house. I really impressed from your work. Big thumbs up for your good work. polishing slate redondo beach

  3. Tudor is my favourite type of house this one is so nice well done!

    1. A few broken fingernails went into the making of the floor!