Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Tearooms: Wedding Cake Display

Miniature wedding cakes on display
The top floor of the tearooms is set out as a display of wedding cakes. The floral arrangements I made with ribbon roses and fronds of artificial ferns, stuck into brass urns on top of columns that are 'real' size wedding cake pillars. You can buy those from cake decorating shops.
   I made the tables and covered them with material cut from an old blouse of mine, white muslin embroidered with tiny white flowers. It used to be my favourite so I was pleased to give it another 'life' once it became a bit the worse for wear. The chair was a dolls house miniature I painted white and reupholstered in gold material.
   And the cakes! Some I bought, some I made and the tiered one in the middle of the long table is a plastic bubble bath container! The teeny tiny bride and groom cake topper is a metal miniature. It's hard to see in this photo but on the round table is a tiny Swarovski crystal glass that I filled with pale blue and pink Fimo sugared almonds. They were fiddly to make, believe me!

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  1. wow, i missed the the creation of these little beauties! they look good!

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