Wednesday, 1 June 2011

N Scale Mini Village

A tiny village in N scale
I am having such fun making this miniature village! As you can see, it is very, very small. It's the model railway N scale, that's 1:160, 1 inch equals 160 feet.
   I buy Kestrel Design kitsets. They are reasonably priced and come in a wide range of buildings from this corner pub, to shops, to houses, to railway stations.
   To get them looking very realistic, I hand paint the kitset pieces to take away that initial plastic look. For the brickwork, I first of all dab a layer of cream paint all over the pieces then quickly wipe it off. This allows the cream to settle in the grooves between the bricks. Then, (call me obsessive!) I paint the bricks with a toothpick, using three shades of different browns to get the variations of colour.
   The kitset pieces are made of styrene and glue together easily with the quick-drying polycement glue. Then comes the really fun part - landscaping the gardens of the houses and creating the street scenes with vehicles and people.

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