Sunday, 12 June 2011

The Tearooms: The Bakery

1:12 scale tearooms 

A miniature bay window 
What fun it was creating a 1:12 scale bakery in the ground floor of the tearooms. For the counters I used the plastic boxes that Ferrero Rocher chocolates are packed in. Part of the fun was eating all the chocolates!
   Some of the cakes I made, some I bought. I created the pavlovas using white bathroom sealant that I piped onto plates and let dry before gluing on tiny slices of Fimo kiwifruit and strawberries. They looked really authentic. Other cakes and pastries I made out of Fimo.
   For bread in various shapes and sizes, I used Crayola Magic airdrying clay. It dries white and can then be brushed with powdered pastels in shades of brown to give colour. The bread was stacked on a bakers rack and in baskets.
   An old dolls house 1:12 scale refrigerator made a drinks cabinet when I took the door off and put tiny Coke bottles and juice bottles in it.
   In the bay window I put the most impressive cakes!

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