Monday, 6 June 2011

The Edwardian Dolls House: Decorating the Interior

Dining room, living room and study of the Edwardian dolls house
Now I had this huge cabinet, I wanted to decorate it in Edwardian style, setting it in 1910 as I had a beautiful photograph of my grandmother from that year. That meant choosing colours that were fashionable then for the wallpapers and paintwork.
   I divided each 'floor' of the cabinet into rooms using foamcore as the interior walls. Then came the perennial question - to have staircases or not? I decided against them as they take up a lot of room.
You have to imagine you are standing in the stairwells looking into the rooms on each level!
   For the walls I used ordinary wallpaper that had small patterns, scrapbooking papers and even fabric in the master bedroom. For the ceilings in some of the rooms embossed papers look like pressed tin and plasterwork. The manager of the local decorating store was very interested in the project and got in sample rolls of wallpaper for me. That was a huge help.

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