Thursday, 26 May 2011

What I Love About the Dolls House Hobby

Miniature dining room in 1:12 scale
What do I love about making dolls houses and miniatures? It's the interior decoration on a small scale; the pursuit of realism; the research to ensure historical accuracy; the thrill of searching for and finding a special miniature; the hand-crafting; the planning of a new project; and meeting other people who share my passion.
  For over 10 years now I have been involved in this hobby. During that time I have made many projects, in 1:12 scale and smaller. I also owned a business selling dolls house miniatures in New Zealand.  Part of that business was selling miniatures I had made myself such as minis for scrap booking, and personalised memory trunks.
  During 2010, I wrote a monthly column called Wendy's World for The Doll's House Magazine, a U.K. publication. I also write articles about dolls houses for an on-line magazine.
   I hope you will follow my blog to see the projects I have been working on, how-to articles, guest interviews with other miniaturists and links to articles I have written that are packed with useful, practical information about our hobby. Enjoy!

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