Friday, 27 May 2011

The Edwardian Dolls House

An Edwardian cabinet dolls house 
The Edwardian Era has always appealed to me as a time of elegant fashion, fine food, gracious living, and exciting new inventions. For the rich and upper middle class, that is. I could imagine myself wearing a long, silk dress and a large feathered hat, drinking champagne and being driven in a motor car by a uniformed chaffeur. With my luck I'd probably have been the scullery maid, hand washing a mountain of crockery after the rich had banqueted!
   But I could always dream of creating my own little Edwardian world in miniature.
   So I planned a townhouse of 1910. The more I read about Edwardian times, the more rooms I wanted in a dolls house. I wanted large rooms with high ceilings, rooms for a housekeeper and a governess, a day nursery and a night nursery, a scullery and separate pantry. The plan became a house of 13 rooms.
   Then the hunt was on for a dolls house big enough to fit my plan. None I saw in catalogues would do. I was reluctant to build one from scratch as I actually don't like the construction part of this hobby - I like the interior decorating side of it.
   One day I was in a furniture store and saw the perfect thing! This teak cabinet that is taller than me, with glass doors and adjustable shelves.
   And so began my thrilling, immensely satisfying project - my Edwardian cabinet dolls house.

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