Saturday, 28 May 2011

Miniature Museum: The Egyptian Room

1:12 scale Egyptian miniatures 
For my most precious and unusual miniatures, I set up a Miniature Museum in a large teak bookcase. It has six rooms: Egyptian, Oriental, Statuary, Rare Books, Georgian and Victorian, and Edwardian and Art Deco.
   It is different from my dolls houses as the museum contains largely items I have collected rather than the things I make myself for my houses and smaller projects.
   The back wall of the Egyptian Room features a real papyrus painting. I went to an exhibition on the Treasures of Egypt at the Auckland Museum and bought it there.
  A friend sent me the sarcophagus in the foreground as a present and I bought the rest of the statuettes at various markets and garage sales.
   I love the way the whole display glows golden when the morning sun streams into this room - it makes me smile!

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