Monday, 30 May 2011

The Tearooms

Miniature tearooms
This is the second incarnation of this 1:12 scale building I designed. I wanted a building that didn't take up too much space so decided to make it tall and thin, only one room wide over three storeys.
   At the time, we were having an extension built onto our real house. I asked the builder if he would cut the wood to my measurements as I didn't have a suitable saw. He said he'd be happy to, then appeared a couple of days later with the whole thing, except for the windows and door, built for me! Good on him!
     When I decided that I wanted a bay window on the ground floor, my husband had a bright idea. He cut up the lid of my yoghurt maker to make the top and bottom of the semi-circular window!
   Originally I made it into a Victorian era emporium called 'Buckinghams'. It had departments for hats and parasols, sewing notions and materials, and lingerie. I made all the furniture and accessories and had a lot of fun doing them.
   Later, I decided that rather than having another dolls house, I would strip 'Buckinghams' out and redecorate it to make 'Bellevue Tearoom'. I added shutters and window boxes, changed the dull brown Victorian colour scheme to a fresh blue and white, applied the gold stick-on lettering and had great fun making cakes, breads, and pastries for the tearooms.
   On the ground floor is the bakery. There is a tearoom on the middle floor and the top floor houses a wedding cake display. I'll show you it in more detail over the coming days.


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    1. Thank you, Deni.I did enjoy making this one a bit different from my other mini projects.