Sunday, 29 April 2012

The Art Deco Doll

A 'nodding' doll in Art Deco style
I've been away in Napier for a few days and wanted to share with you my fabulous find from that city!
Napier was flattened by a huge earthquake in 1931 and when it was rebuilt, the buildings were designed in Art Deco style, the avant-garde architectural and design movement of the 1930s. Now it is considered to be the foremost Art Deco city in the world.
  To protect, promote and enhance that heritage, the Art Deco Trust was established. And it was in their shop that I found this very appealing doll. 
  A local artist makes these tiny china girls and hand paints them. They are styled after party favours given as gifts in the 1930s. And the quirky thing about the dolls is that their heads are secured by elastic so that they 'nod'! Each one is different. This little doll really is a unique souvenir of my time in the city. 
  At 3 inches tall she's too big to be in 1:12 scale. But I don't mind. I think she's gorgeous, and I'm not even a 'doll' person!

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