Tuesday, 3 April 2012

How to Make Your Dolls' House Special

Beryl Armstrong's dolls' house book
If you're looking to personalise your dolls house or if you have a kitset house you want to make look a bit different, then this book How to Make Your Dolls' House Special by Beryl Armstrong is full of good ideas.
   I used this book a lot when I was building my dolls houses. It is full of detailed instructions with close- up photographs to illustrate them. All aspects of construction are covered, both in the exterior and interior, so if you are building a dolls house from scratch this book will be very helpful.
  The author assures us in the introduction that 'anyone can do it'! She explains that using things such as wooden tongue depressors, cardboard and bits and pieces you have around the house can be transformed when applied to a dolls house and painted.
  Several topics are covered in depth with their own chapters: making fireplaces, wallpapering, doors, floor coverings such as planks, tiles and clay, and staircases.
   For the next exterior there are chapters on making windows, bricks, weatherboard and timber framing, making roofs from slate and thatch, building chimneys, and adding balconies and window boxes. There is even a chapter on making gardens.
   'How to Make Your Dolls' House Special' is a book you will return to time and time again to look at the techniques illustrated and get ideas for your own miniature projects.

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