Sunday, 8 April 2012

Retro Caravan: The Interior Finished

1:12 scale retro caravan
Inside the miniature retro caravan
What fun I've had this week, finishing off the caravan interior, putting all the little accessories in place. I still have to make a door but other than that, it's a matter of getting a perspex cover fitted for the cut-away side and putting the roof on.
  There's bread and jam, pie and fruit for lunch. A sunhat and swimsuit and beach towels hanging up. A National Geographic magazine, books and a Rupert comic to read. My grandfather used to buy those comics for me when I was a kid. Monopoly, Chinese Checkers and Checkers are the board games for rainy days. Mum's knitting is on the divan, Dad's shaving mug and razor are safely stowed on top of the wardrobe, and the gin bottles are stored up high too! 
  The kettle's on the gas burner and the dish mop is in the basin. There's even a hot water bottle for cold nights!
  Caravan holidays at the beach were such fun!


  1. Me encanta como ha quedado el interior de la caravana,el color rojo es uno de mis preferidos.La distribución está perfecta!!!

  2. I absolutely love your caravan project! Surely does take me back..........

  3. Thanks,Susan.It's been a lot of fun to do, especially thinking of things we had in my childhood.