Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Edwardian Dolls House: the Governess' Room Again

1:12 scale Edwardian bedroom furniture
I'm going through my Edwardian dolls house room by room, rearranging the furniture in some cases, revamping bits and pieces and doing the dusting! Why is dusting a dolls house part of the fun, but doing it in your real house is a chore and a bore?!
  It was easier to see the furniture and accessories in the governess' room when I took them out to clean so I snapped a photo to show you before putting everything back. 
  It was then I realised that I had made all the things in that room apart from the china. The furniture I built from kitsets of real New Zealand native timber from the rimu tree. They are in the styles of bedroom furniture popular in Edwardian times.
  The wicker chair was my first attempt at making woven furniture. I used natural colour waxed linen thread and then stained it brown afterwards. I love stitching so made the cushions and bedclothes, the hat, parasol and bags. The trunk is made of matboard covered with a very thin leather-like vinyl, with real leather straps. Inside is a wedding dress and a chocolate box of love letters. I'm a romantic at heart!


  1. It can be difficult to remember when looking at these photographs that you are actually seeing a miniature.

  2. Thank you! I really try for realism in my minis - like interior decorating on a small scale.