Wednesday, 28 September 2011

How to Make a Miniature Clown

Materials to make a 1:12 scale clown
Just what every dolls house nursery or miniature toy shop needs! To make the mini clown in 1:12 scale assemble:
  • 1 wooden bead  (head)                  
  • 28 small felt circles (arms and legs)                           
  • 8 large felt circles  (body)                            
  • 4 small beads                                                 
  • 4 lengths of cotton thread (18 inches)
  • 1 piece of bunka
  • Coloured paper (hat)
  • Tiny pompom
I use a beading needle as it's long and flexible and the right size to slip through the beads. I make the small felt circles with a stationery hole punch and cut the larger felt circles with curved nail scissors.

1. To make one arm: take one length of cotton, thread the needle and run the needle through the centers of 6 small felt circles. Pull the cotton through and push the circles to the middle of the length of cotton. Thread through one bead then back through the centers of the circles. You should have a stack of circles with the bead at one end and the 2 ends of cotton coming out the same circle at the other end. Put aside.
2. Make the other arm.
3. To make the legs: do the same as for the arms but this time use 8 small felt circles.
4. Thread both ends of cotton of one leg through 8 large felt circles (the body) and up through the wooden bead head. Repeat with the other leg.
5. Thread both ends of cotton of one arm up through the top large felt circle and up through the head. Repeat with the other arm.
A miniature felt clown
6. Tie the 8 ends of cotton together in a knot close to the top of the head. Put a dab of glue on the knot to stick it to the bead. Leave to dry.
7. To make the hair: take the colourful length of bunka, pull the threads at one end to unravel it so it goes all curly. Cut it into short lengths.
8. Cover the sides and back of the head bead with UHU glue. Use a toothpick to help you push the short pieces of bunka onto the bead. Cut off the pieces of cotton close to the bead and stick bunka over the top. Leave to dry.
9. To make the hat: roll a piece of coloured paper into a cone and glue to head. Glue a pompom on top.
10. Mark eyes and mouth on the face with the felt tips.

There you have it - a mini clown!


  1. Thank you for a very cute tutorial. I love your little clown.
    Hugs, Drora

  2. Glad you liked it, Drora. You can use the same technique to make dolls out of beads too.

  3. Love this method - it's such a nice little clown. Thanks for sharing Wendy. Sandie

    1. Thank you, Sandie. It took longer to write the instructions than it did to make it!