Saturday, 17 September 2011

Edwardian Dolls House: the Gentleman's Study

A dolls house gentleman's study
I decided that in this room I would honour my Scottish heritage. To start with I reupholstered the chair in a red and green tartan fabric and stitched the rug in similar colours.
  Several things in the study are to do with my family's history. I inherited the Craig coat of arms and have it hanging in my real house. So I reduced it on a photocopier to 1:12 scale and hung it on the wall above the miniature desk.
A photo album in 1:12 scale
   Before he died, my grandfather gave me the family photo albums. Dating from 1886, they are heavy, covered in embossed leather and closed with a brass clasp. Inside, the photographs are framed by watercolour painted scenes and floral designs. I miniaturised some of the photos, framed them with a pale-coloured wrapping paper, and stuck them into a tiny photo book. Now I have a little album of my ancestors!
   There are other special things in this study. My daughter made the Tiffany lamp out of Fimo and my husband made the brass telescope. You can actually look through it! The globe is a pencil sharpener; the bookcase contains real, readable books; the model ship represents my family's shipping interests in the nineteenth century. And yes, the decanter on the side table really does contain red wine! 

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