Saturday, 24 September 2011

Making a Shadow Box for a Baby: a Cute Present!

A miniature shadow box
Sometimes when you are in the middle of a big dolls house project, it's fun to take a break and make something that is quick to finish and is completely different. This little shadow box idea can be adapted for many occasions. The one I made was to celebrate the birth of a baby.
   I got the box frame from the $2 shop. It was almost 2 inches deep so I was able to fit several things in. The first step was to choose a suitable paper for the back wall. I took this stylised flower idea a step further by painting dotted flowers around the outside of the frame.
 The shawl didn't take long to knit using up scraps of a fine wool. I made the little book by pasting a cover on to a square of thin balsa wood. The duck is two yellow pompons glued together with a red felt triangle as a beak. The tiny windmill on a stick is just folded paper on a toothpick stained brown.
 The thing that took the longest time to make was the clown. In my 'stash' I have lots of pieces of felt in many colours, so I didn't have to look far to get all the bits I needed. Once I started punching out the circles of felt I got a bit carried away! I ended up with enough to make several clowns, so gave them to my friends for their dolls house nurseries.
   In my next post, I'll put the instructions for how to make the clown. 

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