Monday, 13 January 2014

A Miniature Tin Holds Memories

The attractive front of the miniature tin
I was out and about today, fossicking for minis, and came across this lovely little tin. It's about 2 1/2 inches tall. I had to buy it, because it reminded me of the tearooms and bakery I'd made in miniature. (You can see those if you click on 'The Tearooms' in the blog index). I'd named them 'Bellevue Tearoom' and this one is 'Bellevue Bakery'.

The back of the tin is as charming as the front!
But the real surprise, which I found delightful, came when I opened the tin. Here it is:

The detailed interior of the tin
You see -  the bakery downstairs and living rooms for the proprietors above. It's one of those scenes where each time you look at it, you see something different. There are so many details that are interesting - the welcome mat at the door; two kittens playing on the floor of the shop; patchwork quilts on the beds; dishes on the draining board in the kitchen.
  There were other little tins in the series. Perhaps I should start a collection! 


  1. Replies
    1. I think I just might have to go back to that shop & buy a couple more!

  2. I love your post, thanks for sharing! :) Btw, you have a pretty blog!
    Kissed from Serbia,

    1. Thank you, Tina. I'll check out your blog now too.

  3. Keep your eye on the NZAME website. I am taking a workshop on these tins for the Nelson Convention. Jewel