Monday, 20 August 2012

The Miniature Village Layout - Left Side

A Wedding Scene in N Scale
Deciding what to put where was all part of the enjoyment when laying out the miniature village. I made a little hill out of paper clay to put the church on and staged a wedding scene there complete with a tiny bride, groom and wedding guests.
   On the left-hand roadway I placed the largest house in the village surrounded by a stone wall. In the garden is the housekeeper's cottage, a garden shed and a veggie garden with two men working in it.

Also along that side of the road are smaller houses and the village hall. I imagined this to be the older part of the village. The houses are all made of brick with tile roofs. Some are built so close to the road that their front doors open directly on to the footpath, as you see in many old English villages.
The Older Section of the Miniature Village
 Next time I'll write about how I set out the middle section of the village with its shops, church and newer houses. I hope you're enjoying the photos!


  1. so cute i found you while perusing ideas for my N scale train setup and found your sweet village! just love that 2 story house, I found Liberty Biperty from NZ she made that gorgeous house

  2. The house took ages to make, Deni, because I hand painted all the bricks by dabbing several colours of brown on with a toothpick. I really like the final effect. It looks realistic.