Tuesday, 7 August 2012

My Miniature Village in N Scale

An N Scale (1:160) Village
The last time I wrote about my N scale buildings I had decided not to do a village layout and instead keep the little houses and churches in a wall cabinet.
   Well, all that has changed! I've reverted to my original idea and for the last three weeks have been working on my mini village. It was a lot of fun planning the layout - how big to have the farm, where to put the pub and the churches, would I have straight streets or curving ones, was there room for a village duck pond?
Churches, Shops and Houses in N Scale
   And I also enjoyed tracking down vehicles and teeny tiny people to populate it.
Farm Animals and Vehicles in N Scale
Over the next few blog posts I'll tell you in detail how I made each part of the village. I hope you'll enjoy it!


  1. This is amazing, thank you for sharing your talent! inspiring. :)

    1. Thanks, Michael. This is my favourite miniature project of all the ones I've done.

  2. certainly looks like a little English village with the Church being the main feature absolutely love it!great job

  3. Thank you, Deni. It was a labour of love!