Sunday, 12 August 2012

Making a Miniature Farm

An N Scale Miniature Farmyard
As part of my N scale village I really wanted a section of it to be a farm. That is why the village layout grew and grew - I had to have paddocks and hills and a farmyard and barn!
   On the board that my husband had cut for me, I made hills and hollows out of paper clay. I arranged them so that the back of the board was a bit higher than the front. Then I marked out the position of the house and barn and the farm track and circular driveway. 
   Once the paper clay had thoroughly dried, I painted it with dark green paint, leaving the track and driveway bare. While the paint was still wet I shook grass scatter over it. This was particularly messy! Even though I had put down a double sheet on the studio floor to work on, I still managed to get bits of green stuff everywhere.
Animals and Buildings in N Scale
   I left it overnight then took the board outside and gave it a gentle shake. The bits of grass scatter that hadn't stuck blew away. On the balder-looking patches I sprayed glue and shook scatter over those again. The final touch was to give everything a good swoosh of hair spray.
   For the driveway and farm track I painted glue straight onto the board and, using a teaspoon, gently shook fine artist's sand over them. Once they were dry I could get onto the fun part - the landscaping.
   Fences, trees, bushes, flowers; sheep and lambs, cows and calves; the shepherd and his dog, a tractor towing a trailer of supplies, a horse-drawn hay wagon and the farmer standing at the doorway of the farmhouse.


  1. Thank you, Deni. The shepherd & his dog are my favourites.