Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Miniature Museum: In the Bookcase

My Museum in Miniature
Previously I have shown you the layout of my miniature museum room by room. This photo gives you an overview of what it looks like in real life, set up in the teak bookcase in our home.
   This was such an easy way of making the museum. The bookcase was already divided into the 'boxes', it had a back wall, and the shelves were adjustable so I could select the height I wanted for the rooms (galleries).
   The hardest part was finding a home for all the books and photo albums that were displaced in favour of my mini treasures! Some ended up in the antique Chinese chest we use as a coffee table; others were lugged out by the armful to the studio and into a big cupboard I have out there.
   One of these days I may change one of the museum galleries. I have in mind a display with a 'childhood toys' theme. In fact I've made a start. I painted a miniature rocking horse and ripped off its fake hair. Last Sunday, at our grand-daughter's show jumping competition, I cut some real horse hair from Rebecca's horse, Digger's tail! That will be perfect for the mini horse's mane and tail. Thanks, Rebecca, and Digger!

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