Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Retro Caravan: Interior Fitted Out

A view of one side of the miniature caravan interior
 The cabinets are all fitted in now so you can get a good idea of the layout of the caravan. They are supposed to look a bit 'rough and ready' as if a home handyman has built them! Many of the real caravans were adapted and renovated by their owners over the years so I wanted this to have that sort of look. Nothing too perfect.
Looking into the caravan kitchen
  To make the cooker unit I used black twist ties as the metal grid, 2 buttons as the burners and off-cuts from spindle ends as the control knobs, painted with chrome nailpolish.
  Next job is to fit the windows, the pelmets which I've already made, and the curtains. I've got a real 'retro' floral patterned material for them.

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