Wednesday, 11 January 2012

How to Make a 1:12 Scale Hat From Felt

Decorate the miniature hat with lace and feathers
If you want to add more ways of making miniature hats to your repertoire of 1:12 scale crafts, you could try using felt for the hat base. Use felt that is not too thick and stiff; you want to have material that has some flexibility to mold it.
You will need:
  • felt in the colour of your choice
  • PVA glue mixed with a little water
  • a piece of dowling or something similar for a mold
  • a rubber band
  • plastic wrap
  • scissors
  • lace, braid, ribbon, feathers, etc
Here is the method:
  1. Cut a piece of felt into a circle slightly larger than the diameter of the brim you would like the finished hat to be.
  2. Soak the felt in the PVA glue/water mixture.
  3. Cover the piece of dowel with plastic wrap.
  4. Mold the felt over the dowel and place the rubber band around it, positioning the band at the depth you would like the crown of the hat to be.
  5. Leave till the felt is completely dry, then remove from the dowel. Trim the brim if necessary to get a regular shape.
  6. Decorate the hat base as you wish.
My hat here is slightly flattened looking because I didn't leave it on the mold until it was completely dry! Let that be a lesson to you. Have patience! 

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