Friday, 2 December 2011

Christmas in the Dolls House: How to Make a Bowl of Nuts

A miniature bowl of nuts
When I was a girl, we always had a wooden bowl of nuts in the shell and a nutcracker on the table at Christmas. I wanted to recreate some of my childhood traditions in dolls house scale.
   Here are the instructions to make a nut bowl for Christmas in the dolls house.
   You will need:
  • packet of coriander seeds
  • the cap off an acorn
  • emery board
  • PVA glue
  • varnish or clear nail polish
  • metal 1:12 scale nutcracker
  • paint or Vivid marker
  1. Use the emery board to sand the acorn cap smooth. If you like a more rustic look, leave the cap as it is.
  2. Varnish the cap inside and out.
  3. Glue some coriander seeds into the acorn cap. They are the right size for walnuts in 1:12 scale. Include a few empty half shells so it looks as if someone has started eating them!
  4. Wash the metal nutcracker in warm, soapy water. Paint the handles or colour them with a Vivid marker.
  5. Glue the nutcracker across the top of the 'bowl'.
  6. Place the bowl on a table in your dolls house living room or dining room, perhaps next to a glass of wine.

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