Monday, 28 November 2011

Making a Miniature Memory Trunk: Part Two

A bridal memory trunk in 1:12 scale
Now that you have made the miniature memory trunk the fun part begins - making all the little bits and pieces to go in it. I like to put things on the inner tray, glue some up onto the lid, have other things overflowing down the side of the trunk and also arrange pieces on the base board.
   For the base board I cut a square of MDF a little larger than the trunk, painted it, glued felt on the bottom and edged the board with a flat braid in a colour that toned in with the trunk's contents.
   Here are some ideas for miniatures to go in themed trunks:
  • Memories of Childhood: a book, a knitted gollywog, felt clown, pipecleaner teddy, toy soldier skittles (see my blog posts on 'how to make...' for instructions for the clown and skittles), metal tricycle, tiny doll and skipping rope.
  • Wedding Dreams: a wedding dress, bouquet, perfume bottles on a tray, a veil on a stand, love letters, presents, necklace, wedding cards, bottle of champagne, wine glasses.
  • Memories of Travel: luggage labels stuck on the trunk, a map on the inside of the lid, journal, postcards,a duffle bag, travel rug, flag, atlas, a souvenir-type charm, a miniature Eiffel Tower, money.
  • Kiwiana Icons: a plastic tiki, a paua shell kiwi, a New Zealand flag, a buzzy bee sticker, a hokey pokey ice cream and a pavlova and a plate of pikelets with jam and cream , all made from Fimo, a book about New Zealand, an All Black jersey made from felt and a pair of jandals.
Have fun making a memory trunk. Use your imagination, think of a theme, and you'll find the ideas flow so you can create something that is unique and personal.