Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Christmas in the Dolls House: the Christmas Dinner in 1:12 Scale

A miniature Christmas dinner in 1:12 scale
I started doing my Christmas baking on the weekend, which made me think about putting out some Christmas food in the Edwardian dolls house.   
   I looked through my stash of the dishes I have made using Fimo polymer clay to find some suitable for a roast dinner to display on the dining room sideboard. I chose goose as the main dish because the Edwardians were fond of a nice plump bird of that ilk for their festivities.
   I had a little plastic lobster (goodness knows where I got that from!) that I put on a platter lined with lettuce leaves and edged with lemon slices. I made the lemons after watching an Angie Scarr video about how to make Fimo canes.
   The lettuce was a bit different. I wanted the leaves to be very fine so mixed together green acrylic paint and PVA glue. With a paintbrush, I spread a layer onto a tile and let it dry.Then, using a razor blade, I peeled bits off. They looked very realistic when crumpled slightly and put on the plate.
   The roast potatoes were easy to make out of beige polymer clay, rolled into egg shapes then cut in half and dusted with powdered ochre pastel. A couple of sprigs of parsley brightened them up.
   I have to admit I didn't make the crudites on the blue plate. That is actually a magnet I bought in Singapore, one of my brilliant mini finds.
   The carrots and peas caused me a bit of grief. I took the sideboard with the food on it out of the dolls house to photograph, then promptly dropped it as I was putting it all back in. Everything stayed together except for the dish of those vegetables. I'm still finding tiny little green peas in the dolls house, under the dolls house and behind the dolls house!

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