Thursday, 8 December 2011

Christmas in the Dolls House: the Cake and the Pudding

Christmas desserts in 1:12 scale
Have you made your Christmas cake yet? I baked  my real one a couple of weeks ago. This miniature one in 1:12 scale I made a couple of years ago. 
   It was very easy, a block of polymer clay simply decorated with some loops of thin strands of Fimo. I put a thick edging around the base and made a pattern  indented with a needle. The creation is topped with Fimo holly leaves and berries.
   Making the Christmas pudding was a little bit more complicated. I baked very thin 'worms' of red and green Fimo, then chopped them into tiny pieces. This made them look like glace cherries in the mixture. I worked a dark brown and light brown mix of the polymer clay lightly together, chopped it into bits with a razor blade, mixed them together again (just a little, to keep the colours separate), then chopped again.
   To this I added some poppy seeds and the green and red 'cherries'. I then shaped all of this into a ball and baked it for 15 minutes at 100° C. It has a realistic look, doesn't it, a Christmas pudding with lots of fruit in it.
  When I was a child I didn't like Christmas pudding. But I ate it nevertheless - to get the sixpences that Mum hid in it!

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