Thursday, 21 June 2012

How to Make Minis Using Plant Materials

Look around you when you are out for a walk or in your garden and you're bound to see natural materials that can be used for making minis. We've just had a load of firewood delivered so now I have sheets of bark and blobs of lichen to play with!
 Here are some plants that I've used to make miniatures:

  • Capsicum seeds when dried make perfect potato chips.
  • Grape pips when dried look like little pears for a fruit bowl or food sack.
  • Grape stems can be dried and when foliage is glued on can be used for trees.
  • Lichen can be separated into tiny bits and glued on roof tiles in places to make a dolls house roof look old. Or it can be left in clumps and used as bushes in a garden, especially if sprayed green.
  • Acorn caps when sandpapered smooth make nice wooden bowls.
  • Coriander seeds look like 1:12 scale nuts.
  • Walnut shells make tiny cradles. Or I have used them sliced across as wooden platters, as in the photo.
  • Strips of bark look great as the outer covering of a woodland cottage or tree stump house.
  • Thin tree branches, sliced into rounds, make stepping stones in a garden scene.
I'm sure you have more ideas for using plants as minis. Let me know!


  1. Aaaah!!! Began to look around, TOO!

  2. Yes, Blanche, it's amazing what you can find when you look at things with making minis in mind.