Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A Dolls House Kit Set in 1:144 Scale

A 1:144 Scale Dolls House
I enjoyed making up this 1:144 scale dolls house kit set from NorthEastern Scale Models. Because they are laser cut, the pieces fit together very easily and precisely. 
 The house is called the Cottage Kit. I decided rather than have it as a 'dolls house for a dolls house' I would make it a stand-alone display piece. I like the shape of it and the wrap-around porch.
  I painted and wallpapered all the pieces before gluing them together. Better beforehand than trying to manoeuvre a paint brush into those tiny rooms! I also glued a scrap of lace behind each window as curtains at the same time as painting.
  The finishing touch was to landscape it. I do enjoy scattering all that fake grass around! The climbing vine twined around the porch posts is made from 3 strands of green embroidery thread pulled through tacky glue, positioned and left to dry. The flowers are dabs of red flocking placed with a toothpick on dots of glue.
  I find doing small projects like this gives great satisfaction. An hour or two and you're done. Now what's next?

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