Wednesday, 30 May 2012


NZAME Magazine
It's name is a bit of a mouthful (try saying it 10 times quickly!) but NZAME stands for the New Zealand Association of Miniature Enthusiasts. This organisation supports and promotes miniature making and collecting throughout New Zealand.
  Every second year at Labour Weekend in October, NZAME runs a miniatures Convention with a wonderfully diverse display of dolls houses and miniature models as well as hands-on workshop sessions with experienced tutors to create mini masterpieces. The venue changes each time - this year Convention ( with a Kiwiana theme) will be held in Dunedin. 
  Members of NZAME also receive twice-yearly a magazine packed full of interesting and inspiring photos, interviews and articles that cover many aspects of our hobby.
  For more information about the world of miniatures in New Zealand, where miniatures clubs are located and the benefits of joining NZAME, you can visit their website:

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