Monday, 2 July 2012

Making an Auhagen N Scale Kitset

An Auhagen N Scale Kit
I hadn't made one of this brand of N scale kitsets before, and on opening the box, was slightly overwhelmed by the plethora of 'bits' inside. There seemed to be millions of them! But the pictorial instructions were clear, the plastic pieces were well-marked, and there was a diagram of all the numbered shapes as well. It was really just a matter of sorting things out and getting stuck in!
  I started with the two little structures - the garage and shed. These went together easily so I was more confident then about tackling the bigger, more intricate, buildings. 
  The half-timbered effect is achieved by slotting the thin brown fretwork into the grooves on the white walls. It was really easy to get a good fit. The finished pieces look just like the pictures on the box.
  Now I'm looking forward to landscaping them to make a farmyard to go on the outskirts of my N scale village. For something in such a small scale, it seems to be spreading by the day and getting awfully big!

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