Friday, 18 May 2012

Dolls Houses and Miniatures Clubs

Joining a Dolls House and Miniatures Club
Is there a miniatures club near you? Do you belong to it? What are the benefits of joining?
  I belong to the Hibiscus Miniatures Club and once a month drive 35 minutes each way to the club meeting. It's worth it. Here are my reasons for joining:

  • the camaraderie of like-minded people focused on their hobby
  • learning from others, sharing ideas, pooling talents - there's always someone to help if you get stuck on a mini project
  • access to a wide range of tools that I don't have at home - jigsaw, table saw, electric sander etc
  • access to the club library for books and magazines about dolls houses and miniatures that I don't have at home
Club days are always fun. I enjoy seeing what the others are making and the progress they've made on their projects since we last met. We have a lot of laughs, a lot of chat, a delicious morning tea and the chance to win a raffle prize. And we even get minis made!
  For those of you who are housebound or not near a club, there are internet-based miniatures groups that you can belong to. That's a chance to share ideas and make friends with fellow miniaturists on-line. You won't be able to borrow the bandsaw but you will find a supportive 'mini' community. 

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