Monday, 12 March 2012

An N Scale Scene in 'Book Case'

Use real books to frame an N scale scene
Today I'd like to showcase my friend Pamela's N scale scene. It is unusual in that she created it within a frame of real books. Such a cool idea!
   She bought several old hardcover Reader's Digest books very cheaply. Firstly she very carefully cut away all of the pages so the spine and covers were left intact. Blocks of wood were inserted in between the covers with the facing edges covered in fabric. Pamela glued together the number of books she would need to frame her scene.
A closeup view of Pamela's N scale scene
   She then created a wooden box to make the scene in.  The scenic backdrop is made of photographs pasted on to the back and sides. This box slides in to the space left between the books.
  Of course the fun part is collecting the bits and pieces, making things, planning what will go where, and setting it all out.
   What I really like about this work of Pamela's is that from one side it looks like a lineup of real books on a shelf. Turn it round and there is the secret surprise - the N scale scene!

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