Thursday, 21 March 2013

Miniature Villa on Television!

Laurie and Gayle Davey's Villa in 1:12 Scale
Well, exciting news for Laurie and Gayle Davey, the couple I introduced you to in my last Guest Interview. They have been approached by a reporter from Fair Go, a consumer rights television programme, for the loan of their magnificent 1:12 scale villa.
   Fair Go is filming a piece about going flatting and thought a novel way of adding visual interest to the programme was to use a dolls house. The reporter was put in contact with the Daveys who told her I had been at their place taking photos of the villa the week before. So she rang me & I emailed several photos to her.
  And her comment - "WOW! It's exquisite - this is just what we're after."
  So keep an eye on Fair Go over the next few weeks to see this villa featuring in the programme.

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