Friday, 8 February 2013

Mini Knits for the 1/12 scale Dolls' House

Published by Guild of Master Craftsman Publications
I have done quite a bit of knitting for my various mini projects so was interested to find this book at the library to inspire me to do more. 
  It is written by Linda Spratley who took her hobbies of knitting and dolls houses and developed them into a miniatures business.
  The book is well set-out with very clear photos of each piece. It is divided into chapters:

  • baby knits
  • children's knits
  • adult knits
  • home furnishings
The levels of skill required to complete each pattern are labelled as easy, intermediate and advanced. Abbreviations used are clearly described at the beginning of the book.
  The projects for babies are made to fit those little rubber baby dolls you can buy.
  The patterns are worked in one strand of embroidery thread with size 19 (UK) or size 5/0 (USA) knitting needles. Tiny beads are used as buttons.
  Knitted garments are shown being worn by dolls. That was my only disappointment with the book. The dolls all look very unhappy and grim!


  1. Hi Wendy! I purchased this book some time ago and I was so disappointed when I saw that I had to take apart the embroidery strands. The author has such beautiful patterns and I was so excited to enter the world of mini knitting. Unfortunately I don't have the patience to take apart all that embroidery thread. Do you use the thread or an alternative? I have never found a knitting book for minis with such beautiful patterns for those small rubber dolls.

    1. Hi Lucille. I've used ordinary sewing thread (on a reel)to knit minis with. The best I've found is Gutterman Silk thread which is lovely & soft to work with.
      Separating embroidery cotton into strands used to involve complicated manoeuvres holding one strand in my teeth & pulling the rest away from each side which usually ended in knots & tangles!
      But Sue Bakker told us an easy way. Hold the one strand you want in one hand and with your thumb & forefinger of the other hand, strip the other strands downwards. They come apart really easily.
      Hope this helps!

  2. Thanks, Wendy. When the knitting bug hits me, I'll try that. She certainly has fantastic baby patterns in that book!