Saturday, 22 September 2012

Design and Build Your Own Doll's Houses

A book for the more experienced miniaturist

Design and Build Your Own Dolls' Houses by Beryl Armstrong is an inspiring book for miniaturists who are not satisfied with kitset dolls houses and want to build their own. Beryl is a very experienced miniaturist who has published several books on the subject.
   The dolls house pictured on the cover of this book is an appealing style reminiscent of American houses. But you don't need to be confined to that - full instructions are given for the concepts used in designing a dolls house to your own unique plan.
Chapters in 'Design and Build Your Own Doll's House'
As you can see from the chapter headings, this book is comprehensive. Each step in the building process is illustrated with very clear photographs and full instructions. Even if you are not designing your own dolls house, the ideas in this book are very useful for finishing, lighting and decorating kitset houses as well.
  All in all, this book is a great addition to your library of dolls house and miniatures books. I have found it to be very useful.


  1. Hi!

    I've been searching for weeks now and can't find plans to build an Art Deco doll's house. The only instructions I could find are for a 1937 house; they come from an old magazine and look fiendishly difficult, particularly for a beginner.

    Do you know where I can find free or reasonably-priced plans for an Art Deco house? I can't afford to buy one!


    Paula x

    1. Hi Paula, I've been wracking my brains but can't remember any place that has Art Deco dolls house plans. I know Dolls House Emporium in England sell the houses from that era but I don't think they do plans as well. Have you tried ebay?

  2. Hello! Only just catching-up with your reply.

    I practically live on eBay LOL. Doll's House Emporium do have an Art Deco house - just one; the Malibu Beach House. It costs a fortune. Even in kit form. £700 or more. Imagine that sum in $US! And it is basic - just wooden parts and fittings. I love it but it is way way out of my price range. They don't supply doll's house plans. I've been all over the net since July seeking-out Art Deco doll's house plans. No luck!

    There seem very little interest in Art Deco houses. Those of us who love this period are forced, I guess, to make our own. I would if I could, and probably will in the end. I want Streamline Moderne - my favourite. I love lots of other periods, too - Art Nouveau, for example. I bought a used Edwardian house at a great price. That one will be renovated and redecorated in Nouveau style. But my heart is set on Art Deco and as far as I know there are NO affordable commercial houses in this style on the market here or in the US or Canada.

    Dave's Attic (?) sells two small deco houses - reasonably priced at less than $100 each but rather fragile-looking. Neither one has so much as a hint of the gorgeous 'ocean liner' effect I crave. The shipping costs to the UK would be huge. And to be honest, I don't really care for either design. 'Dave' also sells some very cute deco miniatures but they are very expensive.

    My hunt continues. I've gone a bit mad and bought lots of houses in different styles/eras - none Deco, alas. I have an Artply Worthington (huge!) and a Corona Willow (big and gorgeous) amongst others. I am getting to the stage where I am thinking of converting a Georgian house (the Dartmouth) into a deco one - how difficult would that be? LOL. Or of converting my lovely, massive Worthington...

    I need a flat roof, preferably on two levels. Bow or flat windows, preferably painted black. Some kind of addition to the front of the house - to make it recognisably Deco. Railings to evoke the Streamline effect. And lots of other touches, besides.

    Thanks for replying, anyway. I will keep searching!

    1. Good luck for your continuing search - there must be an Art Deco house out there waiting for you!