Friday, 3 February 2012

Retro Caravan: the Curtains

A retro look for the curtains
I like this material I found for the curtains. I think it has a real 1950s retro look. Making them was easy. No stitching required, just thin lines of tacky glue to turn up the edges to hem them.
  To pleat the fabric rectangles into loose folds I used more tacky glue and folded and pressed them into shape with my fingers. Of course, I got more glue on me than on the curtains so needed to stop often to wipe my hands. And in the morning I found a toothpick glued to the fabric! I told you adhesives were my nemesis!
  For the pelmets I used off-cuts of banister railing. This has the groove along the underside so gluing the curtains into the slots was a breeze. They also make a handy shelf to put little bits and pieces on.
  At the moment the pelmets are just stuck in position temporarily with blu-tack. Once I have figured out how to make the windows I'll go back and fix the pelmets in properly, and coax the curtains into better folds so they don't stick out. This post is really to give you a sneak preview of the almost-finished interior.

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