Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Making Dolls' House Miniatures with Polymer Clay

This is one of the books in my library that I refer to the most for mini projects - Making Doll's House Miniatures with Polymer Clay by Sue Heaser. It's like a well-used recipe book. Some of the pages are a bit grubby and I've made pencil notations in the margins.
   The book is well set out. The first chapter talks about the different brands of polymer clay (my favourite for ease of use is Du-Kit, a New Zealand make) and the materials and tools you'll need for the projects which are all in 1:12 scale.
Fimo meat and sausages
   Chapter Two details the techniques you can practise to get all sorts of different effects from the clay.
   From there the chapters are set out by rooms e.g. kitchen miniatures, bedroom miniatures etc. But it is not just food and flowers that have step-by-step, illustrated instructions. All sorts of things are included such as making vases, picture frames, storage canisters, a Victorian sewing box, even a bath and a toilet!
A lamp made from polymer clay

   If you want to really want to take on a challenge, try making the coal range!  
   For the icebox in my Edwardian dollhouse        kitchen, I made the sausages and roast of beef from polymer clay. And in the gentleman's study my daughter made the Tiffany lamp from instructions in this book. We wired it in so it lights up. I think you'll agree - she did a great job!

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