Saturday, 27 August 2011

Edwardian Dolls House: the Main Bedroom

1:12 scale bedroom accessories
The inspiration for this, the main bedroom, was the photograph from 1910 of my grandmother, wearing her best clothes. I miniaturised it, framed it and hung it by the bed. My husband made the brass bed for me. He was horrified at the price of the one I wanted to buy and decided to teach himself how to do it! The other photos are of children from my family in the same era.
   The walls of the bedroom are covered with, not wallpaper but fabric. Floral themes were popular in Edwardian times for bedrooms and I liked this material. It's stuck onto foamcore with spray-on adhesive.
The Edwardian Dolls House bedroom
   Originally the cream chair was fire-engine red with gilt so bright it glowed! I painted it cream, rubbed brown shoe polish over the gold to tone it down, then stuck a transfer on the back and another one on the seat to give the impression of tapestry.
   I stitched the bedspread and rug using patterns from dolls house magazines. I also made all the clothes in the wardrobe and drawers.
   The mirror over the mantelpiece is actually a $2 shop picture frame. It had just the right Art Nouveau look so I bought it. Off to the local glass cutters then asked them to put a mirror in it for me. They were so interested in my mini project that they did it for no charge!
   Don't you find that some people are fascinated with your miniatures. Others think you're mad!

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