Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Hallowe'en in Miniature

Gayle Davey's Haunted House for Hallowe'en
You can really let your imagination run riot at Hallowe'en! Spooky witches, giant spiders, rattling skeletons, crazy cobwebs, black bats and any other creepy thing you can think of!
  Gayle decided to make a haunted house and during October scoured craft shops and dollar stores to find suitably themed items that were small enough to use in this mini project.
  She had a lot of fun and, as you can see, created a house that is certainly spooky!


  1. I adore this house have you a plan that I could use its just gorgeous
    Love your minis as well

    1. The house was a club project. One of the members made up the kitset for us to build & decorate but he made them just for this one club project.