Friday, 10 May 2013

How to Landscape a Miniature Scene

Examples of  landscaping materials for miniature scenes
I really enjoy landscaping my miniature projects. Adding some greenery and flowers can enhance a dolls house. Creating a scene around it will add another layer to the miniature 'story'.
  Many landscaping supplies can be bought from model railway stores or you can make your own.
  Here are the instructions to make a garden around a dolls house:

  • Cut a baseboard larger than the building. This will be the garden. Mark on it where the building will go. Leave the space clear.
  • Paint the rest of the board green, not forgetting to paint around the sides. if you want a little path to the front door, paint this in now with brown paint, or use a strip of paving paper like the ones in the photograph.
  • Spread tacky glue over the green surface and sprinkle on a fine green railway scatter as grass. If you want to make your own 'grass', collect fine sawdust and dye it various shades of green.
  • You can make flowers using flocking or Flower Soft which comes in various colours. Use a toothpick to dot tacky glue onto places you want flowers to be, then dip another toothpick into the flocking and dab it onto the glue spots.
  • Other flowers and leaves can be made from paper using punches or you can buy flower-making kit sets to put together.
  • To make a climbing vine, run stranded green embroidery thread through tacky glue, then 'grass', then wind it round the building supports. When dry, add flowers as explained above.
  • You can buy ready-made trees and bushes or make them yourself. I collect little pieces of lichen from a tree in our garden, dry them, then use them as miniature bushes.
  • To make trees, take lengths of florist wire, hold in a bundle and wrap brown florist tape partway up the bundle for a trunk. Spread out the un-taped ends of wire for branches. Dip into tacky glue and then into railway scatter for the foliage.
Landscaping a miniature scene adds to the appeal

Have fun making a garden!

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