Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Decorated Doll's House

published by Macdonald Illustrated
This comprehensive book, The Decorated Doll's House by Jessica Ridley, is another that I have referred to often. I particularly like the way she has designed miniature interiors that are out of the ordinary. I also like the way all the instructions to achieve these results are given step by step and illustrated with very clear photographs.
Clear illustrations enhance the instructions

The first part of the book introduces you to the tools and materials to be used and how you can make things out of everyday objects such as toothpicks, bottle tops, corks, and jewellery findings. These are transformed into kitchen utensils, plate racks, bedside tables and flower vases, to name a few.

Miniature treasures made from trash
The projects in the book cover some more traditional dolls house and miniature rooms such as a yellow drawing room, a country kitchen, an English country bedroom, an Edwardian hat shop and a flower shop.
  For those of you who like modern interiors there are a Manhattan living room, a music room and a modern kitchen.
  And for those who want to make out of the ordinary and quirky miniature settings or room boxes, you could try your hand at a Scottish baronial hall, a rustic breakfast room with twig furniture, an Etruscan bathroom or a shell grotto. Now that would be different!


  1. Hi Wendy! Thank you for introducing this book. This is one I do not have. I will probably get it now that my curiosity has been aroused. I can't ever resist a book!

    1. Hi Lucille, I've got quite a collection of dolls house books and magazines too. Good for browsing on a rainy day.