Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The Moving Around Goose!

The polymer clay goose
My daughter made this goose for me, the first time she'd made anything out of polymer clay. And it has proved to be very versatile.
  Most of the time it resides in my Tudor dolls house, in the kitchen. I made the chopping block out of a tree branch from our garden. The 'iron' hoops are black paper strips. The chopper is a metal miniature. You can't see it from the angle of this photo but there is very realistic looking 'blood' on the blade and on the block!
  And when the bird's not in the Tudor house, you can find it in the Edwardian house scullery. The Edwardians were partial to a bit of roast goose at Christmas time.
The goose in the scullery
  Here it is, waiting to be cleaned and stuffed with chestnuts and apples and served with apple, gooseberry and bread sauces for the Christmas feast!


  1. Hi Wendy! Your daughter is very talented just like her mother! I love that kitchen sink area and those blue plates are lovely!

  2. Fantastic goose! Very clever daughter, takes after her mother!!

    1. Thanks, Susan. Kylie also made the standard lamp in the Edwardian study out of Fimo too. She really liked making things out of polymer clay.